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Who we are

Few words about us

UpSkill is a new tokenized Platform that allows professionals who want to work remotely to find orders and job offers, and to businesses to delegate a number of tasks to specialists on contractual terms. UpSkill, thanks to the possibilities of using smart contracts and digital tokens used for calculations, allows solving the two biggest problems of freelancing: the lack of guarantees when it comes to deadlines and the complexity of transferring money between parties in different countries.

How it works


You need to own an electronic wallet on Ethereum. If You don't have one, you can download it here


You need to register on the Platform as "Customer". If you wish, you can also fill out a short questionnaire, which will help us offer you the most suitable specialists for your project.

Create the project

You need to create a project. The project implies a task for which you are selecting a specialist(s). Before the project is created, your profile is stored in the database in the development state.


One of the most common problems when dealing with freelancers is keeping up with deadlines. The available solution for that problem is online time controller, which allows to track the time spent at a workplace. On the other hand, while useful for call center employees, the OTC is totally unsuitable for creative professionals (design, IT and many others).

Our solution:

UpSkills Platform offers freelancers and their potential employers the use of a smart contract - a software template with all the provisions of a conventional contract embedded in the code: the subject and terms of the contract, the agreed upon amount, the manner of payment, the deadline etc.

How To Start


Create your e-wallet


Register on our platform.


send /receive applications for the required services, select specialists, organize auctions


pay for services rendered in ReHelp tokens. Leave feedback*.

Token emission

The total emission of the Upskills (USK) tokens is 50 million USK. The initial emission of tokens for the ICO is 15 million USK. Of this amount:

Our way to success


1.04.2018 -
Developing of digital token standart ERC20
1.04.2018 -
Developing and start and involving marketing strategy.
5.05.2018 -
6.08.2018 -
Increasing number of development team, analytics and managers
1.04.2018 -
Researching wishful quality level of the services
1.09.2018 -
Release of public beta platform
1.10.2018 -
UpSkills full release and launch

Team Core

The smartest peaple work every day to provide the best service and to make You happy

Max Hartnell

Max Harntell

back-End Guru

Lucy Faraday

Lucy Faraday


Adam Ferrin

Adam Ferrin

Marketing Director